Wedding Power Point

Do you plan to have your wedding Power Point slide show during your wedding? Normally this question is raised when you organize your wedding in church and hotel. Next question will be what is the best format to deliver the slide show? It can be DVD format, Flash, or PowerPoint.

What would you like the slide show to be in your wedding?

Shall it be played continuously non-stop? Or you would like the slide show to have some interaction such as the time is controlled by the slide show operator, i.e. the operator play the right slides at the right time. If your choice is interactive slide show, Microsoft PowerPoint will be your best choice.

With the combination of the Power Point song lyric technique, your wedding Power Point slide show can be more creative and attractive!

Let’s design and implement the wedding Power Point: -

1. It should have the non-stop playing slide show before the wedding ceremony started. We can implement it with the Christian Power Point Bulletin guide.

2. It should have the wedding song lyric for congregations to refer and sing together. We will build it based on the Power Point song lyric player guide.

3. It should have the wedding photo session to list out the sequence of photographing. It can be just a single Power Point slide.

4. Links it all together! Let's see the wedding Power Point slide show

Wedding is a big event in your lifetime, to make it success, planning is very important, the 2 books Great Wedding Tips From The Experts: What Every Bride Can Learn from the Most Successful Wedding Planners and Planning a Wedding to Remember: The Perfect Wedding Planner, Sixth Edition provides a lot of guidance and solution in the actual wedding ceremony preparation.

Wedding also is the beginning of your marriage life; I wish you would have a successful and wonderful marriage life. Cheers!