What is Power Point Templates

There are 2 official type of Power Point Templates:-
1. Design Templates - A single slide template with only graphical design

2. Content Templates - This is the template with suggested content, it can be get from PowerPoint AutoContent Wizard or New from Presentations Templates.

Majority of the Power Point Users refer the Design Templates as Templates, they keep looking for the design templates thought it would help them to make presentation better.

But most of the time when you prepare a presentation from scratch, it is not only how beautiful is the graphical design and multimedia, it is the content you want to deliver to your audience. So you need to brainstorm the content.

By using the Power Point Presentations Templates/AutoContent Wizard, it can help you by giving you the idea to speed up your Power Point Slide Show development process.

After you created the slide, you can save it as .pot file (Power Point design template file) or you can add the .pot file into the Auto Content Wizard for repeatable used.

Before we create our own, it is better to reuse other people effort instead of re-invent the wheel, let's explore where can we get the free templates from the interesting Internet :-

Free Power Point Templates

Free Power Point Content Templates

There is another unoffical template that most of the Power Point users practice, just leave it as .ppt powerpoint file and save it into one dedicated folder, when it need to be re-used, copy and paste it into another folder and rename the file. This is the easist way for Power Point template.