Song lyric challenge

Do you plan to lead some songs with your congregation by showing them with song lyric and some times you would like to repeat the chorus a few times?

Would you like to lead the song dynamically to bring up your congregation enthusiasm?

So you should project out the song lyrics to your congregation from the karaoke video or MTV, but soon you will face the challenge...

1) The song rhythm and timing is already recorded in the video; You have to follow the rhythm and timing.

2) You would like to repeat the chorus many times, but the song is already recorded in the video, you cannot do this!

Ok, you cannot use the video as the media to lead your congregation, you decide to use computer to project out the lyrics.

You can use any software you like, most of the people will use the Microsoft PowerPoint software since it is the de facto projection software.

Now you can type the whole lyrics into the slide, make the font bigger, when it is more than one page, you split the lyrics into multiple slides. In order to repeat the chorus many times, you decided to put the chorus into one separate slide. Let say it is slide 3. When you lead the song, the power point operator has to remember slide 3 is chorus slide and navigates to the slide 3 when you give him/her your chorus signal.

But when the number of your songs you would like to lead are growing, you will face the challenge to manage it, may be song 1 chorus is at slide 2, song 2 chorus is at slide 4, song 3 chorus is at slide 3.

Do you think your power point operator can remember it?

There is also another scenario you would like to sing after the verse 1 then immediately continue to sing the chorus of the verse 2, your power point operator have to switch this very very fast.

let's see this song lyric for the song "It's a small world":-

It's a small world after all (3x)
It's a small, small world

It's a world of laughter
It's a world of tears
It's a world of hope
And a world of fear
There's so much, that we share
That it's time, we aware, it's a small world after all


There is just one moon and one golden sun
And a smile means friendship to everyone
Though the mountains divide
And the oceans are wide
It's a small world after all


Let's explore the song structure...

We can just type the entire song lyric into one power point slide.

Before we continue, you must have Microsoft PowerPoint software installed in your computer either PowerPoint viewer or any edition.

If you have no Microsoft PowerPoint software installed in your computer, please Tell me more about free Power Point download


Let's sing the song by following the lyric if you know how to sing :)

It is a small world

The disadvantage of the slide is the size of words are small, congregation sit or stand far behind will hard to read the lyric especially elderly people.

Another disadvantage of the slide is the people who do not familiar with the song, when they sing until chorus, they have to find where is the chorus to sing, they totally lost and do not know how to continue.

So your congregation will not enjoy your song and your effort will be wasted.

Let's see how to solve this challenge... Power Point Song Lyric Player