Power Point Background

Power Point Background has variety of choices, it can be images, animated GIF and musics.

Microsoft Clip Art and Media Web Site provides a lot of FREE background stuffs for Power Point users to download.

Download the Power Point background from Microsoft Clip Art and Media Web Site
Images are the most frequently use background in Power Point, if you have digital camera, you can capture any photo you want to be background image, or you can find it in a lot of Image Search Engines such as:-

Google Image Search

Yahoo Image Search
The only disadvantage of the image search engine is sometimes it returns you some unexpected images that you have to ignore it.

Normally wallpaper images is the background best choice because the quality of the image is much better and the resolution can have 640x480 and above.
Below is some useful WallPapers provider websites :- Webshots - Your world of photos

Wallpaper Vault - Your source for free wallpapers

Please note after you have added the background, please test it with your projector before you play the slide show to your audience, because the color projected on the screen may be difference compare with the computer screen.

Tips: How to edit picture?