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Hi, How you feel about powerpoint slide show templates website? my name is NG Yew Ban, the founder of the powerpoint-slide-show-templates.com, a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and Microsoft Certified Solution Developer in Microsoft.NET (MCSD.NET), a Chinese Malaysian living at Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia, South East Asia. You can contact me at postmaster@powerpoint-slide-show-templates.com

Powerpoint-slide-show-templates.com is setup to share out the knowledge in implementing creative PowerPoint slide show for wedding, worship and events. There is a weblog at http://powerpoint-slide-show-templates.blogspot.com

The knowledge in this website has been fully implemented in my church, Christian Grace Church Taman Bukit Maluri (http://www.gkgrace.org) of Malaysia. Praise the Lord giving me this wonderful opportunity to serve Him with my best knowledge. If you come to Malaysia, you are welcome to visit me and study the actual implementation of the powerpoint slide show at my church every Sunday morning 09:00am till 12:30am.

The long term plan of this website is to provide more and more knowledge in how to fully utilize Microsoft PowerPoint software and provide useful powerpoint templates to all of you. The website is built and hosted using SiteBuilIt technology (http://www.sitesell.com), it also includes Google Adsense (http://www.google.com/adsense) to provide more information about the knowledge and also another income source for me to cover my hosting fee.

Please do not hesitate to feedback to me about powerpoint slide show templates website either email me at postmaster@powerpoint-slide-show-templates.com or access my weblog at http://powerpoint-slide-show-templates.blogspot.com