Christian Power Point

In the web, you may find a lot of Christian Power Point information because other than business users, Christian is another big community to use Microsoft Power Point for the Sunday worship in church.

They power point their bulletins, worship song lyric, sermon, bible words, welcome new friend and etc in slide show to let the congregation have the best worship experience with the God. The main problem the most churches face is how to make the slide show projection more dynamic and more versatile.

Some will purchase dual display system, worship song management system or all kind of computer systems to manage the slide show projection better, easier and more dynamic.

By using the power point song lyric player technique, the cost will be much more lower especially the projection software cost.

Normally Christian attends the church have the following program flow: -

1. Enter church; all types of information will be shared in bulletin boards that stick on wall, banners, and posters from the church front gate until the sanctuary.

2. Worship leader starts worshiping, leading congregation sing the songs follow the lyric showing by using OHP projector.

3. Sermon by pastor, some important points and bible verses will be projected using OHP projector.

4. After the sermon, there will be offering and announcement.

5. Welcome new friend who comes to church first time.

6. End the worship with praying and sing the last song.

7. Dismiss.

All these can be enhanced by using the Microsoft Power Point software + projector. There is a website for Christian Power Point: Using Power Point in Church has very useful information how to use Power Point in your Church. It provides worship backgrounds & announcements, installation & setup information.

Another great Christian worship projection solution website also must access, they provide a lot of resources, tutorials, articles and templates at ImageVine - Projector Media

Let’s see alternative way to build the Christian Power Point slide show to enhance the church worship experience: -

1. Self running Christian bulletin

2. Song lyric player for song lyric projection in dynamical way;

3. Power Point Sermon with dynamic Bible verses;

4. Power Point Announcement;

5. Power Point Welcome New Friend;

6. Power Point Good Bye Message.

Christian Power Point is just a small portion in worship, there are still a lot of ways to improve the worship, here are some other good reference books :-

1. The Worship Leader's Handbook: Practical Answers to Tough Questions
2. Exploring Worship: A Practical Guide to Praise & Worship

3. The Complete Worship Leader

Microsoft Power Point is also allowed to key in other non-English language such as Simplified Chinese. Click here to see how to power point the Chinese Christian Song without purchasing additional Chinese software such as Chinese Star.

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