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Looking for PowerPoint templates solution in how to navigate slide show effectively?

PowerPoint-Slide-Show-Templates.com is a niche PowerPoint knowledge website to share with you how to design and create a practical and totally FREE PowerPoint solution yourself. The PowerPoint solution include design of PowerPoint slides, navigation, collaboration, and etc. Especially the PowerPoint navigation solution uses PowerPoint action button to display the navigation buttons as video player style buttons; we named it PowerPoint player buttons. This is a very practical and effective navigation solution when you use PowerPoint slide show in church worship, wedding and other events.

Other than the navigation solution, PowerPoint-Slide-Show-Templates.com also share with you how to integrate with other PowerPoint solutions such as self running bulletin, emergency announcement and other usages.

One very important point here is, the solution does not need to purchase any additional dual-display slide show projection system or any other hardware, and you can just re-use your existing projector and slide.

The idea and solution here are suitable for users who use Microsoft PowerPoint 97 and above; We also shared with you the online PowerPoint in Office 365, how to publish your presentation into web, alternative of free projection software other than PowerPoint such as Google Docs Presentation, and how to collaborative editing of your presentation slides.

You will feel excited as you learn the idea and solution at here, and deliver impressive PowerPoint slide show with video player style buttons.

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