Christian Power Point Bulletin

The Christian Power Point bulletin should be the most frequently use Power Point in church. It is the easiest to build.

Have you watch advertisement broadcasting in television? The repeat broadcasting helps audience memorize the information especially for children, they see one screen already know what will be happened next.

The repeat broadcasting bulletin for church can be named as Christian Power Point Bulletin; it is a non-stop playing bulletin until the Power Point operator press ESC button. The content inside this template will be: -

    1. No hand phone, please
    2. Today service member
    3. Contact
    4. Happy Birthday!
    5. Seminar

The slide show will have different background for each slide, so the slide master can leave it as it is, it does not need to be customized.

Let’s build this powerful bulletin: -

1. Insert 5 slides

2. Insert different picture into the 5 slides respectively

3. Key in the information into the 5 slides respectively

4. Click View -> Slide Sorter

5. Click Edit -> Select All or press Ctrl+A to select all the slides

6. Click Slide Show-> Slide Transition, Slide Transition dialog box will be appeared: -

Power Point Slide Transition

7. In the Advance panel's "Automatically after" textbox, key in 00:10 to indicate each slide will run in 10-second transition.

8. Click Apply to All button to accept the transition setting for all the slides.

9. Click Slide Show -> Setup Show

10. Setup Show dialog box will be appeared

Power Point Setup Show

11. In the Show options panel located at left middle, enable the "Loop continuously until Esc" by clicking the checkbox

12. Click "OK" button to accept the setting

13. Save your work now

14. Click Slide Show -> View Show, you will see the bulletin is running continuously until you press "Esc"

15. Save it now as .ppt file (i.e. PowerPoint file) or .pot file (i.e. PowerPoint Template).

Let's see our self running Christian Power Point bulletin:-

Note: The clipart used in this template are inserted from Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 ClipArt and Microsoft Clip Art and Media Website

No Handphone Church Contact Service Member Happy Birthday Seminar