Edit Picture

Edit picture can use sophisticate graphic software such as CorelDraw or Photoshop after you get the picture from Internet, scanner or digital camera, but if you just want to edit it in the simplest way such as cropping or adjusting the brightness/contrast, the easiest way is to use the picture toolbar from Microsoft Office.

You can insert the picture by clicking main menu Insert->Picture->From File, click on the picture, the picture toolbar should be displayed automatically. Or you can purposely enable it by clicking View->Toolbars->Picture

The most commonly used edit picture function buttons for power point slide show are

1. More/Less Contrast
2. More/Less Brightness
3. Crop
4. Reset Picture

Contrast and Brightness

It will be used when your picture is slide background with text display. To display the text clearly, you will need to adjust the background picture’s contrast and brightness.


This is one of the most important buttons, you can crop the picture by mouse over to the edge of unwanted area of the picture, drag it inside, and the unwanted area will be cropped. It is very useful when you want the picture to be in banner style picture, side bar picture, or footer picture.

Reset Picture

The reset picture button is the savior button when you regret with your edit changes, by clicking the reset picture button, your picture will be restored back to original format.

You also can press the Ctrl+Z key to undo your changes step by step.

When you get the images from the Internet, please read the terms and conditions whether it is FREE to use, some are FREE for non-profit organization and some are not, becareful