Song Structure

Song structure also can refer as lyric structure.

It is very important to know your song before you Power Point your song lyric. Placing the lyric wrongly will make your song lyric navigation confuse and chaotic.

Song writer compose songs will follow different structure.

The very popular structure is verse-chorus-verse format, the song in this format may have 2 verses and a chorus, it will be sang started from verse 1 then chorus, verse 2 then chorus, the chorus can repeat many times. Sometimes the song can sing started from the chorus, then only connect to verse 1.

Thus the song lyric in this format will be verse 1 in one paragraph, verse 2 in one paragraph and the chorus will be in another paragraph.

To know more detail of the song structure, you can pay some music center to learn (It is not cheap, my friend). Normally I would like to recommend reading books first than only learn from the people, so you have some basic and learn the skill much faster, more importantly, you can save more time and money.

I would like to recommend Pat Pattison books, Pat Pattison is a professor of music and songwriting at the Berklee College of Music in Boston since year 1975. Below is his books :-

Song Structure book by Pat Pattison (Composer): Writing Better Lyrics

Another Pat Pattison book: Songwriting: Essential Guide to Lyric Form and Structure (Songwriting Guides)

After you finish reading it, you may write your own song to earn more money :)

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