Free PowerPoint Content Templates

You can get the FREE PowerPoint Content Templates from the following limited places :-

1) Get the FREE PowerPoint Templates from Microsoft PowerPoint software itself; This is the great place the most people have forgotten.

Please click File -> New -> From Presentation Templates (Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 and lower)


Click File -> New -> AutoContent Wizard (Microsoft PowerPoint XP/2002 and above)

2) Get the FREE PowerPoint Templates from Microsoft Templates Web Sites, this is also another great website that the most people have forgotten.

Free PowerPoint Content Templates: Microsoft Office Templates Web Site

Sometimes you will find the PowerPoint templates web sites may not provide the templates that you want, why not create your own veryyyyy special, unique and outstanding slide?

Everybody knows how to sing, it is simple and fun, sometimes, we may sing together with a lot of people, either singing national song or participate in some events. To project the song lyric on big screens, PowerPoint is the best choice, let's start to make the song lyric fun and interesting:

Power Point Your Song Lyric now!