Wedding slide show

The power point wedding slide show below started from self-running matrimony bulletin, It runs continuously until the power point operator press the end action button. The bulletin has 3 slides: -

1. First slide is title slide announce to congregation this is the holy matrimony of John and Mary on 28 Nov 2004;

Wedding Bulletin

2. Second slide is the first half program agenda of the holy matrimony;

Wedding Bulletin

3. Third slide is the second half program agenda of the holy matrimony;

Wedding Bulletin

When the matrimony started, congregation start singing a wedding song “O Perfect Love” by referring the power point song lyric slide show, the song has 3 verses, the lyric has been separated into 3 power point slides, the power point operator just needs to navigate the song lyric by referring the song leader signal and switch the verses anytime by pressing the player button;

Wedding Song Wedding Song Wedding Song

Then follow by bible scripture reading; the scripture is Holy Bible New Testament book Ephesians chapter 5 verse 22 to 33, the operator just listen the scripture reading and navigate the slides accordingly, it has made the congregation easier for those who do not have Holy Bible in hand;

Scripture Reading Scripture Reading Scripture Reading

The message slide show will be displayed in the message section; the power point operator can have a rest now because the slide show has only one slide;

Wedding Message

Then follow by marriage solemnization until benediction; before the ending of the wedding, there is a photography section for officiating members, follow by bridegroom and bride’s parents, friends, colleagues, and the rest of congregation;

Wedding Photography

The wedding slide show will deliver the best visual experience for the holy matrimony, happy wedding to John and Marry!