Power Point Song Lyric Player Setup Guide

Section 1: Power Point Song Lyric Player Setup Guide
NOTE: The screen shots here are from Microsoft PowerPoint 2000, all the pictures selected are from Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 clip art. The guide is suitable for Microsoft PowerPoint 97 too

A) New Presentation

1. Open the Microsoft PowerPoint software (version 97 and above)

2. Click File -> New -> Blank Presentation

Blank Presentation

3. When it prompts to choose an Auto Layout, choose the Blank Slide.

Auto Layout

B) Slide Master Configuration

4. Click View -> Master -> Slide Master, the slide master will be ready for you to change.

5. Change the background color to Black by clicking Format -> Background


By clicking the “Apply” button, your slide master background will turn black now.

6. Press Ctrl+A or click Edit -> Select All to select all the objects in slide master

7. Click Format -> Font, Set the following:-
    a. Latin text font: Arial
    b. Font style: Bold
    c. Size: 24
    d. Color: White


8. Click OK, you will see the black background slide master with white font now.

9. Click the footer, erase the

and key in the song name "It's a small world" as your footer, adjust the footer in one line. The purpose of the footer is for the operator can know which song they display.

10. Click the Number Area, append the text with "/6" after <#> to indicate we have total 6 slides, the purpose also is to let the operator know which slide is displaying.

11. When it is done, the slide master should be like this: -

Power Point Slide Master

12. Click Close in Master toolbar to close the slide master (Not File Close)

13. You should see black slide with "It's the small world" footer now

14. Click View -> Header and Footer, check the Slide number and ensure the Footer is checked too

Power Point Header and Footer

15. Click "Apply to All" button

16. You should see black slide with "It's the small world" footer and slide number now.

End of Player Setup Guide, let's goto section2: Lyric Input Guide