Cheaper Price Microsoft Office

There are a lot of ways to get the cheaper price Microsoft Office, if you are a student and teacher in grades K-12 and institutions of higher education, good news to you, there is a special edition for you - Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003. It is almost half price compare to the Standard Edition. Click here for the details of the Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003: Cheaper Price Microsoft Office for student and teacher
The Microsoft Office has difference editions for difference needs also with difference price, You better compare the editions before you purchase it so every dollar you invested will be fully used :-

Microsoft: What's in the Office 2003 Editions?

Amazon: Choose the Microsoft Office 2003 That's Right For You

If you do not need Microsoft Access as your database, the Microsoft Office Standard Edition will be your best choice. To get the cheaper price Microsoft Office, you can click the following links :-

Amazon: Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003 (Save at least 17% or US$71.00)

You may have old version of Microsoft Office, then you can save more by purchasing the upgrade version :-

Amazon: Microsoft Office 2003 Standard Edition Upgrade
If you still want to save more money and you do not mind the software is not new - you also can purchase the used Microsoft Office Software at Amazon or eBay too.

Amazon: Used Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003

Finally, if you would like to save much more money to get cheaper price Microsoft Office, please recall yourself whether any friend or relative is currently working in Microsoft Corporation, please call them out to buy them a lunch, you will get a surprise... Microsoft employee can purchase the software at very low cost for personal use...
Finally, back to our topic, to improve your PowerPoint skill, two books are recommended to you :-

1) How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 (How to Do Everything) by Ellen Finkelstein
Microsoft PowerPoint is all about effective communication. PowerPoint gives you the tools you need to create a professional-quality presentation. No longer do you need to spend big bucks for a graphic artist or a slide bureau to create presentations for you. You can do it yourself...

The book is very useful for a novice because it provides clear direction and answer; It has very good review in Amazon website.

2) PowerPoint 2003 Bible by Faithe Wempen
When you start your first PowerPoint presentation, you may not be sure which delivery method you will use. However, It's best to decide the presentation format before you invest too much work in your materials, because the audience's needs are different for each medium...

It has a lot of tips for doing advanced things and workshop lab exercises at the ends. The book also come with CD with lots of backgrounds templates and add-ins.

Of course, here we have some more tricks and tips that you can not find it anywhere either book or internet website, let's explore PowerPoint Background